Friday, July 29, 2011

Flooding and Mudslides

Over the past few days Korea has had a lot of flooding and mudslides due to rain. It is the rainy season here but over the past week we have received A LOT more rain than normal. I read one report that it was raining about 2 inches an hour! Seoul was flooded and many areas were evacuated, including ones near us. Luckly, Fred and I had left our apartment on Sunday, well before most of the damage on Tuesday. We were already in Busan when the mudslides began. One of our co-teachers, Chad, was on a train from Busan and Gyeongju when a tree fell on it. They were covered in glass and taken to a nearby emergency room. We saw reports of Seoul with trees all around and over turned cars. There is even a video of actual waves rolling through the streets of Seoul ( The area that was hit the hardest, and had the most deaths, in where we went to ride ATV's last weekened. We are glad that we were safe during this period of time and glad to be back in our apartment.

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