Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day in Gangchon

Yesterday Fred and I headed to Gangchon with Joo and Yumi (Batman's owner and his girlfriend). Gangchon is a city in the mountains that is northeast of Suji. We left Suji around 11 am and arrived about 90 minutes later. We had chicken galbi for lunch. This area is known around Korea as 'the area' for chicken galbi. After a delicious lunch we decided to rent 4 wheelers. The town was filled with places to rent scooters, bikes and ATV's. We set off on the trail around the mountains. After about 15 minutes it began to rain. The rain made it hard to see but the views were very cool. All of the mountains and streams were surrounded with fog and mist. After riding for an hour we were soaked. The ride was very beautiful, thrilling and memorable. Before we left town we stopped at a batting cage. We also stopped at a small waterfall. After a while we arrived in Suji and relaxed for the evening. Even though it was a rainy Saturday, it was one that we will always remember.

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