Sunday, April 25, 2010

Everland, Field Trip and Soccer Games

A lot has happened in the past few weeks. Fred has came up to Suji for the past 4 weekends and we have finally been able to enjoy spring weather in Korea. Last weekend we, along with my co-teachers Steve and Josh, headed to Everland, Korea version of Disney World. I read that it is the 4th largest theme park in the world. We went on Saturday morning and ended up staying until closing time. It was one of the best days that I have had in Korea. The tulip festival was in full swing so the park was covered in beautiful tulips. We went on the worlds steepest wooden roller coaster 6 times. We saw 4D films, all in Korean of course, fed birds at the bird park, went on an African safari ride where we saw white tigers, elephants, lions, giraffes, zebras and lions. We also went on water ride where you are covered up with a tarp. Only our heads were exposed however our feet still managed to get a little wet. The night closed with a laser and firework show.

Josh and I feeding the birds
Before our last coaster ride of the night

This past week at LCI we went on a Kinder field trip to a car museum. For the most part my student enjoyed it. My little cute ball of terror, Annie, tried to climb into the roped-off cars 3 times while running away from the group. By the end of the day my other trouble maker, Jacob, kept chasing her while yelling, "No Annie no!" It was so funny!
My Kinder class and I
This weekend Fred came up on Saturday and we spent the day in Seoul. We first headed to the foreign area for hamburgers then spent the afternoon shopping. The weather has been in the upper 60's with clear blue sky's! It was such a great weekend to be out in Seoul. On Saturday night we met up with Steve and Josh and went to the Suwon Blue wings soccer game. Unfortunately, this was the first game that we have been to that they lost. Today, we headed back into Seoul and explored before Fred went back to Pohang.
Suwon World Cup Soccer Stadium

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mom in Korea

On April 2nd my mom arrived in Korea! I met her at the airport and then we headed into Seoul for the weekend. We met Fred and stayed in a hotel on Friday and Saturday nights. We woke up on Saturday and started to show her around Seoul. We visited a palace, the art area, had lunch and explored a few other areas before heading to the LG Twins baseball game. We met up with my co-workers Josh and Steve and had front row seats to the game. On Sunday, we visited a traditional folk village and took the cable car to the top of the Seoul Tower. After an Easter dinner, Fred headed back to Pohang and we headed to Suji.

Under the Seoul Tower
On Monday, mom came to LCI to see my school and watch my classes. All of my kids were so excited to see her! We headed for dinner after work and then planned out the week. On Tuesday, she explored my area and relaxed. On Wednesday, mom took a bus into Seoul (ALONE!) and explored before taking the subway back. I was very proud of her exploration. After work we headed to dinner and eventually to a Noreabong. This is a room that is basically like a small karaoke room. On Thursday, she did some shopping and more exploring of my area. On Friday, she came back to school to celebrate my birthday and say goodbye to my kids. She brought my Kinders some ice-cream as part of the celebration. All of my Kinder kids, my old and current class, made me birthday cards. They are so cute! I even got a few gifts and a massive flower arrangement from one of my Kinder students, Cheny. I was told that her mom drove to Seoul, over an hour each way, to get them! After work, many of my friends and my mom and I headed to dinner. Fred even came up to Suji again for the weekend! We went to a great galbi place (where you cook your meat at your table) and then to a few bars. It was a very fun night!
Cheny and I with the flowers. You can't really tell how big it is. There are over 2 dozen roses.

My Kinders and my mom, and their ice-cream
Birthday dinner
On Saturday we had a relaxing day before heading to the DMZ on Sunday. The 3 of us went on an afternoon tour. It was amazing to see the the DMZ and tour the tunnels which were built by the North as part of a plan to attach Seoul. Many of the tunnels were discovered in the 1970's but one was found in the 1990's and there are thought to be more. We were able to look into North Korea, however we were not allowed to take many pictures on the tour. As it turns out, our tour guide studied at Winona State for a year. What a small world! After the tour, we had dinner and walked around for a little bit before Fred headed back to Pohang. Mom and I continued our souvenir hunt before heading back to Suji. It was very hard to say goodbye this morning as mom hopped on the bus to the airport. I had such a great time with her but it went to quickly!

In front of "Freedom Bridge" connecting North and South Korea at the DMZ