Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dad and Jordan in Korea

Recently my dad and brother visited Fred and I in Korea. They arrived on a Friday night around midnight and stayed for 10 days. The first weekend was spent exploring the Suwon Fortress and Seoul. On Saturday we walked along the Suwon Fortress for a few hours viewing temples and palaces.

On Sunday we went into Seoul and walked around Insa-dong, the Blue House and Gyeongbokgung Palace. We also took them to have beef and chicken gabi for dinner during the weekend. On Monday they came to school and met all of my students.

On Tuesday they woke up early and went on a DMZ tour.

On Wednesday they went to Everland during the day and we all went to a Suwon soccer game in the evening.

On Thursday they went to Jamsil and explored COEX Mall and Aquarium. On Friday they relaxed around Suji and met us for lunch. In the evening we went out to dinner, to Batman Bar and to Norebong. I was very surprised to see everyone singing the night away! On Saturday it was a bit rainy but we went to a LG Twins baseball game. The game went late so we had a late dinner and got home around 11pm.

On Sunday we had a few hours to hang out before they had to head to the airport. It was so sad to see them go. It was a great week but it went by way too fast!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lotus Lantern Festival

We have had the past four days off of work due to Children's Day. Once school closed on Wednesday we were ready for the long break. Fred and I decided not to travel due to the large number of travelers on the roads. Instead we stuck around Suji and Seoul. On Thursday we met up with some co-workers and headed to a nearby park for a picnic and some soccer. After a few hours in the sun we were ready for margartias in honor of Cinco de Mayo. We headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant for food and drinks. On Friday it was rainy so we spent the day inside and shopping around Suji. On Friday night we went out for chicken galbi and met up with our friends Ann and Collin. On Saturday Fred, Ann and I headed into Seoul for the Lotus Lantern Festival. The city was transformed in honor of Buddha's birthday, this coming Tuesday. We walked around temples before getting our seats for the Lantern Parade. The parade started at 7pm and didn't end until after 9:30. The lanterns were very cool and full of details. I even got one from one of the parade walkers. It turned out to be a great long weekend!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Car Museum Take Two

This past Wednesday we went to the Samsung Transportation Museum. We also went there last spring so this was my second field trip to the exciting car museum. This field trip was very different than most, as we were let loose in a large two story building without a lot of structure. We were not told where to go or when to be back. All of the teachers took their classes off in opposite directions. My kids were very excited to see the brightly painted cars and the cars from Korea. They also pointed out all of the "London cars" which to them meant that I must love these English classics. After walking around for a while the teachers grouped together and passed the time away. Finally, it was time to head back to LCI. The kids had a good time on the field trip. Some of them were more interested than others but they liked the experience of leaving LCI. My kids were very well behaved and they listened to all of my directions! I was a very proud teacher!

Dana and a MN plate

Fred and his class

Hailey and Zion

My class

Daniel and Brian