Saturday, April 30, 2011

Birthdays and Song Contest

The past week at LCI was very busy. We were suppose to have a field trip but we didn't due to rain. Fred's class also had 2 birthday parties on different days. They had a lot of extra activities to try and fit into the schedule. They celebrated Sean's birthday on Monday and Julianna's on Wednesday. On Tuesday afternoon we also had a school wide song contest. Fred's class sang "Rockin' Robin" and mine sang "Little Green Frog." Neither of our classes won but it was still a good afternoon. This week we were both also observed by the Korean supervisors. All of LCI has been preparing for Open Class which is during the second and third weeks of May. All of the Kinder students mothers will join in on the class. Last year I even had a few fathers, sibilings and grandmothers. It makes for a crazy day because you never know how your students will act with all of the extra people in the room. Overall, the week was super busy but it made it fly by. On Friday after work we went to Jamsil with Ann to meet up with some of her friends. We spent Saturday inside as it thunderstormed all day. This morning we got up early and headed out for some American style breakfast at "Butterfingers." We then went shopping for some clothes and supplies for our upcoming trip. This week we have a field trip on Wednesday (if it doesn't rain) and we have Thursday and Friday off due to Children's Day. Yes, there is a National holiday in Korea called Children's Day. I hope that we can get through Monday and Tuesday quickly!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kylle and Ray Come to Korea

This past week Fred's sister and brother came to visit us. Kylle and Ray arrived last Monday and they left yesterday. They spent their first day relaxing around Suji and visiting LCI. We took them out for Korean BBQ for dinner before calling it an early night. On Tuesday they ventured off to Everland. Once they returned we went to a rotating sushi restaurant for dinner. They got up very early on Wednesday and left our apartment at 5:15am for a DMZ tour. They got back to Suji in the late afternoon and rested. We went out for chicken galbi and drinks after work. They got to meet some of our friends at Batman Bar. On Thursday and Friday they went into Seoul and explored. We all went out to a duck galbi restaurant for dinner on Friday. We then met up with more co-workers at Batman. Later in the evening, we went to a Noraebang (a singing room) before heading home. On Saturday we went to an afternoon LG Twins baseball game. The crowd was wild. They were singing for each player, each pitch and each inning. After a sad 5-2 loss, we headed back home. On Sunday we woke up early and went into Seoul. We took Kylle and Ray to a palace, a temple, the art district, the shopping area and out for food. Once the sun was setting we headed to the 63 Building. We walked along the river running through Seoul before heading up to the 63 Building Observatory. We were able to see all of Seoul with its lights and night activity. On Monday we all had lunch before they had to head off the airport. It was such a fun week having them here. The time flew by and we wish that they had not yet left. We can't wait to get together again in MN!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yeoudio Cherry Blossoms and Varekai

Yesterday Fred and I had a great Saturday. We woke up early and headed to Yeoudio Park in Seoul for the Cherry Blossom Festival. We arrived and there so were so many people. At one subway station we took the escalator down to the track and we were unable to get off of the escalator due to the amount of people waiting to get on the subway. Fred said that it looked like all of the people were fleeing the city. After a very crowded ride we arrived at Yeoudio. We walked around for hours looking at the cherry blossoms and admiring the Han River and Seouls skyline. We stopped at a restaurant and enjoyed the day by sitting outside (a real treat in Korea). In the late afternoon we headed to Coex mall for some Mexican food. After dinner we went to an English book store before we headed to see Varekai. Varekai is a Cirque du Soleil production and is touring in Korea. We had great seats and loved the show. We even ran into 3 old LCI teachers whom are now at a different school in Seoul. We had a great day and it was nice to enjoy the great spring weather. Tomorrow Kylle and Ray arrive! It shoud be a very exciting week in Suji!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Moms Second Trip to Korea

For the past 10 days or so my mom has been visiting Korea. This was her second trip to visit me in the last 19 months. She arrived on April 6th and I met her at the bus stop. She went right to sleep and spent the afternoon exploring Suji. On Thursday she came to school and watched my classes. On Friday she spent the day exploring than she brought ice cream to my Kinder class to celebrate my birthday. On Saturday we had planned to go into Seoul but I was feeling sick. Instead we went to a flea market in Suji and enjoyed a great spring day (and my birthday). For dinner we met up with Ann and Stephy and headed to my favorite pasta restaurant. We then headed to Batman bar to meet up with other friends and co-workers for some drinks and cake. On Sunday we went to Suwon and walked around the World Cup Soccer Stadium. We had planned to go to a game but the team was playing away. On Monday mom went into Seoul to get some shopping done. On Tuesday we all went out to dinner to celebrate Freds' birthday. We went to a duck galbi place where you cook on your table. We had a very famous Korean meal filled with tons and tons of side dishes. We then met up with others and had cake to celebrate Freds' birthday. On Wednesday mom went into Seoul to visit the Korean War Museum. When she got back we went to dinner before relaxing at home. On Thursday mom went back into Seoul for her final day of exploring. Today she came to school, with donuts for our Kinder classes, and watched until lunch. After we had lunch I had to bring her to the bus stop. It was so wonderful having her here. The time went by so quickly. I wish that she could have stayed longer!

Mom and I with some cherry blossoms

Mom and Fred

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our 2nd Birthdays in Korea

This past week we celebrated both mine and Fred's birthdays. To celebrate mine, my mom brought ice-cream to school for all of my Kinder students. In the afternoon the Korean Teachers gave me a cake and made all of the afternoon kids sing to me. On Saturday, my actual birthday, Fred, mom, Ann, Stephy and I went out to dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant near Suji. After dinner we went to Batman bar for about an hour to meet up with my other co-workers. I have been sick for the past week so it was a pretty low-key evening. Yesterday, for Fred's birthday, he brought ice-cream for his Kinder students. A few of them gave him cards and treats. For his first grade class one of his students moms came with pizzas and soda. He also got a nice LG Twins sweatshirt from a first grader and a Starbucks mug from another. During his 3rd and 4th grade classes they had cookies and snacks. The Korean staff also brought him a cake, which poor Fred, it was chocolate, and made the students sing to him. After work we met up with Ann and Colin and headed to dinner. We went to a duck galbi restaurant where you cook your food at your table. We then met up with some of our other co-workers at Batman. Overall we had great birthdays but we can't wait to celebrate at home once again!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Meet Genie

This past Thursday I walked into my classroom before classes started to find a new student. Her name is Genie and she has studied a little bit of English before. She seemed very cute and quiet but I soon realized that she is going to be a handful. She likes to kick everyone and she tries hitting those around her, including me. I am hoping that once she becomes more comfortable she will behave better! Only time will tell!


Chloe and Ariel from my 2nd grade class

Joonsuh, Eileen and Sarah from my 2nd grade class

All of my first graders: Foco, Dave, Anthony, Kun and Kevin

Aroa, Alice, Jackie and Anna

Cheny from my old class and her sister Sally