Thursday, July 22, 2010

The end has arrived

It is hard to believe that I have been in Korea for over a year. When I first arrived I honestly did not think that I would last four months and now it has been over a year. Time really has flown by in a blink of an eye. I have had the most amazing twelve months in Korea, filled with hard times and great times. The new teachers arrived this week, which made it all the more final that my year is up.

I have spent the week cleaning, packing and just enjoying my final days. I know that I will be back in Korea in five weeks however it feels so strange to leave. Once I return I will have the same Kinder class but all of my elementary classes are going to change. Ann, one of the new teachers, will teach my class during August then start teaching a new class once I return. I wonder what it will be like to leave and return. How will things have changed? Will the students be the same and will they seem a lot older and wiser?

Today was my last day teaching three of my classes that only come to LCI on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It was hard to say goodbye to them yet it didn't seem real. It is even harder to believe that I will be home in three days! I know that my time in the states will fly by and soon I will be back in Korea!

My third grade class on my last day teaching them. I have been teaching this class for my entire time in Korea.

One of my third grade classes on my last day teaching them.

My first grade class on my last Thursday teaching them.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Middle of July

It is very hard to believe that it is already the middle of July. I was warned that my year here will go by quickly but I was not really ready for how fast it would past. In just a few days I will have been in Korea for one year!

This past few weekend I headed down to Pohang. Josh came with me. We left on Friday after work and headed to the train station. The weather was a little rainy on Saturday so we spent the afternoon at the movie theater. We then had some western food, sandwiches and fries, for dinner before heading to the beach to light off fireworks. On Sunday we relaxed, had lunch and packed up. I filled my hiking backpack with most of Fred's winter clothes and carried his huge winter jacket in my arms. We have been trying to move most of the stuff he will be keeping in Korea to my apartment. I will then pack it into boxes and carry it to Josh's place to store for a month. Overall it was a great trip and I cannot believe that I will only make the journey once more!

The previous weekends Fred had came to Suji. We spent a lot of our time, including the 4th of July, in Seoul buying a few gifts to take back with us. It didn't feel like the 4th since there were no American flags, red, white and blue, grill outs or fireworks. Last year we were in Maine counting down our final days in the US. It was hard to believe that a year has already passed! We also went to the COEX mall and visited the aquarium. We later found out that one for Fred's kinder moms had seen us at the aquarium but was too shy and unsure to approach us.

Today is the morning of my second to last Monday. This is my last Monday before the two new teachers show up. It is going to be a busy final two weeks!

Johnson and I

Jacob and I

Young and I

Fred and I shooting off fireworks on the beach this past weekend

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kinder Video

Here is a video that I took one morning. We were about to start "Show and Tell" which Young had this morning. Toward the end of the video the kids start touching his dinosaurs so he begins screaming, "no touching!" Enjoy!