Sunday, August 28, 2011

Remembering July 2009

I have come a long way since first arriving in Korea. When I left Minnesota in the middle of July 2009 I was so scared. Arriving in Korea was a very shocking experience for me. I was rushed around, from Incheon to Suji, with a man who spoke no English and I was alone. I was then dropped off at a Korean Love Motel and recieved a letter from the school director. I had NO idea where I was, what I was suppose to do or when I would meet the other teachers. I had a very hard time adjusting to Suji while being by myself for the first 2.5 days. Finally, after a very long weekend, I arrived at the school. The other teachers had no idea that I had arrived but I was glad to finally feel like I belonged somewhere. I wanted to leave Suji as soon as I had arrived. Being stuck in an unfamiliar place, with no one that you know, in a dirty love motel is a very hard experience to go through. Looking back, I can still remember how terrifying Suji seemed. Now, I cannot imagine being here for less than 2 years. I have loved living in Suji.

My time at LCI has also had its ups and downs. My first class was a 6-1 class and I really loved teaching them. They had already been studying English for six months so my adjustment was easy. After 6 months with them, I had to say goodbye as they moved onto a new teacher. At the time I thought that I would never love a class more. I was wrong. My next class was the 6-2 class. They were entering their second full year of English. I taught this class for an entire year and loved them times a million. We were so bonded and I loved teaching this class everyday. This is the class that I CANNOT imagine saying goodbye too. I will miss them so much! After teaching them for a year, I again had to change classes. I got my current class, a class of seven year olds who knew no English. I had a very hard time adjusting between the classes. My old class was able to speak to me in English, in full sentences. My new class knew nothing. Not hello, not goodbye. Looking back on my first weeks with them I remember how hard it was to get my point to them. I had to get all of their books, backpacks and pencils. I had to remove all of their shoes and put on all of their jackets. Now these same kids can read numerous sentences at a time. They can read long words and speak in sentences. As hard as it was in the beginning, it has made the end all the more special. I have seen them take huge leaps in English and I know that is because of me. Teaching Korea has been hard, exciting, terrifying and memorable. I wouldn't change these last two years for anything.

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